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    Effective price to improve the winning low volume injection molding rate of new projects. Because of the continued aggravation of industry competition, many construction companies have won bids at low prices, the profit margin has become smaller and smaller, the conclusion is low salary and low count take. Management methods of good companies can still be small, a slight release of pressure management methods will produce a loss of money. The occurrence of "super black hole" in project cost control is ultimately a regulatory problem, mainly in the absence of rules to follow, or there are rules not followed. Therefore, how to save energy and reduce consumption to fill the gap, save money to improve quality and efficiency is the eternal theme of project cost control style. In the direct cost of construction projects, raw materials usually account for 60% of the costs, so the management of raw material costs is the top priority of cost control. Material management must be the first to start from the acquisition of this stage, bulk commodity raw materials to the relevant departments of the enterprise unified supply is appropriate, but also to implement the bulk procurement bidding system, the same city network quality bidding, or according to the construction schedule and market prices, using spot transactions and futures trading both acquisition. The materials procured by the project itself must ensure that the goods are more than three, raw materials collection, transportation, collection, management, hair of each stage need to create a rigorous monitoring mechanism system. To further strengthen the manipulation of labor costs, create human capital overall upgrade, complete human capital to provide the best match with the new project requirements of human resources operating mechanism, and on time tracking check, so that human capital network resources to obtain the maximum use. To streamline the organization of new projects, make full use of the cost of engineering projects and reduce overhead costs.

    Culture education transfer to enhance job cost accounting software the cost management concept of all personnel. To strengthen project cost control, build a good environment where the company attaches overall importance, all staffs of engineering projects participate, and the whole process of engineering construction production and manufacturing manipulates cost increase. New project operation, no matter which method is used, needs to create a rigorous risk-based pledge and project cost control reward and punishment system. It is important to ensure that contracted quantities are delivered under the condition that product costs are properly developed. If a new project loses money due to negligent supervision or a "super black hole" in project cost control, the project manager must be held accountable for his obligations depending on the details, and efforts should be made to solve the problem of profit but not loss.

    Select the right person to create noise cancelling earbuds the project manager cost fee responsibility system. To grasp the right project manager, build a good project management, as the "leader" to strengthen the construction project management. In recent years, many companies to the project in the scope and recognition of the basic the same situation, the original small-scale projects but completed a good economic benefits, some should have been profitable new projects instead of a relatively serious loss, the important lies in the engineering project manager and the new project executives quality. Therefore, to enhance the management ability of project managers is the most important hurdle in creating a new project contracting system for engineering construction. New project bidding clear project cost control index values and obligations, and layers of grasp implementation to each position. According to the promotion of obligatory cost control, reasonable plugging of economic benefits such as outsourcing, material procurement, machinery and equipment purchase and management and non-productive expenditure outflow way, which is conducive to raw material procurement and supply quality and price comparison bidding system, purchase of machinery and equipment expenditure program approval system, period cost expenditure budget quota system, engineering project manager to asset recycling for life and other types of rules and regulations effectively implemented.