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Is beef beef and how to choose a good beef roll?


Fat beef is a beef product that everyone is particularly familiar with. Fat beef and mutton are both must-chosen dishes for hot pot and the taste of fatty beef is not as mutton as mutton slices, so it is especially popular with many people who do not eat mutton.

Beef is a type of meat that divides the meat into different parts. 牛角外賣However, steaks are more tender, which is why steaks in Western food can be eaten in a frying pan.

First of all, fat beef is a processed product of beef

people who often go to the market to buy fat cows will find that the price of fat cows is much cheaper than fresh beef. Generally better ones are around 35 yuan or even cheaper.

The beef rolls on the site were all rolled beef and the fat beef we ate was all fat and lean. Beef can really grow to the part of this shape, there is not much on a cow, and the price is very high, and it is impossible to use the most expensive part of a cow with a cheap beef roll.

Fat beef is made of beef tallow and beef minced meat. Some additives like carrageenan are added to increase the degree of adhesion, so that the beef is not broken or scattered and more shaped. Therefore, the fatty beef rolls on the market Basically, beef products are made from beef. This is similar to the spliced ​​steaks sold on the market, which are basically made by artificial synthesis.

Second, how to choose a good fatty beef roll

(1) Choose trustworthy merchants: In order to ensure their credibility,肥牛 large shopping malls and supermarkets that have been operating for a long time will buy some trustworthy products, and will not add some messy things to the fat cow.

(2). Look at whether the fat cow foams after it is put into the pot: it is normal for beef containing blood water to be poured into the pot to make foaming. Fat cows that do not foam are suspicious.

(3). Look at the pattern of the fat cow: the pattern of the fat cow should be irregular. If the pattern is particularly beautiful and all the same, then there are too many traces of such fat cow processing and it is not a good fat cow.

Fat cattle are processed beef products. The real fresh and tender parts are not processed into fat cattle and sold in the market. After all, where is the price. It is not uncommon for beef cattle sold in the market to crush beef and then slice it by adding beef.

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