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Can I exercise if I suffer from asthma?

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During an asthma attack, the muscles of the tracheal wall will tighten and narrow the trachea, sometimes accumulating sputum and mucus, which will further narrow the trachea and affect breathing. In severe cases, 哮喘治療it will be life-threatening. Therefore, strenuous exercise is generally not recommended to treat asthma.

But can you not exercise if you have severe asthma? To be precise, it is possible. Exercise-based non-drug therapy is an important part of asthma treatment. Appropriate exercise can increase the function of the cardiopulmonary system, promote corporate blood circulation and metabolism, as long as our exercise can be reasonable, the risk of inducing asthma can be greatly increased and reduced.

However, patients should avoid strenuous exercise, and aerobic training is best. If illness occurs during exercise, they should stop exercising immediately. If the air pollution index is high, the patient can reduce outdoor exercise to avoid affecting the condition. Using relievers before exercise can help relieve symptoms of cough or asthma.

Asthma does not go away on its own

If a person has asthma but is not treated effectively, it may relapse again. A person being cured temporarily does not mean that he will not relapse. Sometimes asthma patients may have symptoms that are so similar to colds that they treat asthma as other systemic diseases, or if the company has asthma symptoms that are not properly resolved in time, the trachea continues to inflame and cause some diseases to worsen.

How to prevent it?

In order to avoid recurrence of asthma, prevention of asthma is extremely important. Asthma patients should avoid staying in an unventilated environment for a long time, avoid dust and second-hand smoke in the air, and wear a mask when necessary. 肺炎病徵Keep indoor air circulation as much as possible, and clean sheets and bedding regularly to reduce the breeding of dust mites.

Keep warm in cold weather. Wear a scarf and mask when going out to prevent cold air from irritating the trachea. Eat less or not irritating or cold foods in your diet. Check the condition regularly and never stop taking medicine by self-study. If you have a respiratory infection, you should treat it as soon as possible to avoid serious complications.

Regular inspections, correct use of drugs, and avoidance of allergens in the environment can effectively control and improve the disease. Although asthma is difficult to cure, as long as it is properly treated and anti-inflammatory drugs are taken, most asthma patients can lead a normal life.

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