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  • Whitening teeth, the three secre...


    To whiten teeth exactly, must find the root of the problem, and then targeted treatment is the hard truth!

    Why do we have yellow teeth?

    The normal shade of our teeth is not the "Hollywood" bright white, but a light yellow. But if you are a bit too yellow, it may be the following two types of conditions.

    I. Exogenous yellow teeth.

    Usually caused by the way of daily life, often drinking dark beverages, 美白牙齒方法, teeth surface adhesion of calculus, dental stains, etc. can cause yellowing and darkening of teeth.

    Second, endogenous tooth yellowing.

    Generally because of ageing, geographical area contains too much fluoride, eaten tetracycline and other drugs will cause the teeth black and yellow.

    How to make teeth white?

    Tooth whitening secrets, the bottom of the three magic words today to tell you!

    First, dental care (brushing, scaling)

    Brushing and scaling are two different forms of yo, general exogenous yellow teeth can rely on long-term correct brushing, and its regular scaling can make teeth white.

    Second, "hydrogen peroxide, photochemical whitening"

    This applies to heavy exogenous yellow teeth and mild endogenous yellow teeth. The principle of this type of teeth whitening is to use "whitening agent" to apply on the cleaned and pretreated crown, and then use photocatalytic decomposition and other operations to achieve the whitening effect.

    Here is a friendly reminder to find a regular dental hospital to operate! Do not operate on your own. 殺菌消毒 whitening method has strict requirements on the amount of whitening agent and its light! Mistakes will destroy your teeth!

    Three, dental veneer / crown

    Generally this kind of I more proposed yellow teeth + crown small / defective beauty people to operate. The reason is that this whitening method requires the removal of a certain amount of tooth tissue. If your teeth happen to be very small, you can consider restoring bright white, straight teeth without grinding too much.

  • very different, girls exercise m...


    Girls, although we rely on strong will fitness training, but still should face up to the physical quality than men weak innate deficiencies, especially at certain times to pay more attention to take care of their own bodies; nutrition is a compulsory part of the attention.

    To figure out the nutritional content of what you eat every day, the following are three nutrients that women must pay attention to, so add them to your diet plan in the future to improve sports performance.


    For players, iron is an important mineral because it is the element that makes up hemoglobin. 增肌減脂療程 responsible for transporting O2 in the blood, and myoglobin transports O2 to muscle cells, providing everyone with energy for exercise.

    Energy consumption relies on iron, which is more demanding for athletes than for the sedentary general population. Iron outflow is normal during exercise, including jogging sessions where the foot touches the pavement. In general, women are more likely to be deficient in iron than men due to menstruation and pregnancy, and in the case of female athletes, the loss is even greater.

    Ingredients that contain iron include red meat, fish, grains and cereals, dark leafy vegetables, eggs and processed nutrients that fill a natural food deficit. The body is able to absorb iron from animal sources more efficiently, if combined with fruits or vegetables that have a high vitamin C content to improve absorption rates.


    Calcium is the primary mineral that helps produce bone, muscle growth, muscle contraction and nerve conduction. Again, most people think that dairy products, such as cow's milk, are the source of calcium, but there are other healthy sources that should not be overlooked, including sardines, sesame seeds, spinach, kale and roo? leaves. Weight-bearing exercises, such as running and heavy training, can help improve bone quality and enhance calcium absorption. Female athletes with low estrogen should take plenty of calcium supplements.

    Vitamin C

    This vitamin is important for the production of connective tissue and 全脂奶 (such as adrenaline produced during exercise), is also involved in the formation of red blood cells, and improves iron absorption. It is also an antioxidant, maintaining exercise-related cell damage. Vitamin C supplementation is helpful for relieving muscle pain and rapid recovery after long, intense training.

    Most of the partners also only remember that citrus fruits contain vitamin C, but in fact there are many vegetables are also a source. For example: red raw bell peppers have a lot more vitamin C than oranges, and green cauliflower, white cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and collard greens are all good sources.

  • How exactly should I choose a sw...


    I. Application areas.

    1, sweeper.

    The first to talk about is the sweeper, which is the most suitable for lazy people in the three appliances, after all, when cleaning sweeper thoroughly able to achieve 0 hands, when you go to work can help you remotely clean up the road at home. And under the bed, under the sofa and other short space can also be easily handled.

    The disadvantage is that a lot of liquid or large particles of wet and dry mixed garbage can not be cleaned, and there will be part of the blind spot missed. (Personally, I think we can ignore)

    2、Wash the car.

    The next is the scrubber, the same is used to clean the ground, to achieve suction, dragging, washing as one, a variety of large particles of wet and dry garbage can be done. And basically have a brush self-cleaning role, do not worry about cleaning problems after each use.

    The disadvantage is that you must operate by hand, and under the bed and other short space is difficult to enter, of course, if the area is very small road space is narrow friends are not recommended to get.

    3, vacuum cleaner.

    Finally is the wireless vacuum cleaner, clean up the widest scope, the basic  clean up the road, brush head to clean up the bookcase, closet, mite brush head to clean up the bed, you can say that the road and fa?ade can be done.

    But the flaw is also obvious, not only must you do it yourself, and can not cope with wet garbage. But given its flexibility I think small and large households are suitable to get one.

    Second, the purchase points.

    After talking about their respective areas of application, I will then come to talk about their respective purchase points. In order to be more intuitive are selected stone corresponding products of the new, but does not mean that the new is just right, as usual, I will point out their advantages and disadvantages, you can also discuss together with the comments section.

    1, sweeping machine.

    The main points of the purchase of sweeping machines are the construction of map obstacle avoidance, cleaning ability, mopping ability, range and its human-computer interaction.

    As a sweeper, the most important thing is to clean up the process 0 hands, so it is important to build a map planning ability, and thus the purchase of a laser navigation is the minimum requirement. Stone G10 not only has laser navigation, and algorithm upgraded to 8.0 thus building a very accurate map.

    Cleaning ability, in general, suction power is basically enough, mainly to see whether the main brush and side brush with the clean-up omissions, can see the stone in the clean-up session regardless of the size of the particles of waste are not missed.

    And in addition to do not miss, the stone also with the help of rubber brush design thus reducing the hair coiled, for the family pets and women's friends simply do not too powerful.

    Mopping ability, the stone can be mopped by the mop vibration, so as to achieve for the吸塵機 From the motion picture you can see the cleaning effect is very good, the ground color pencil marks without residue.

    The endurance level is not really about the battery size, as the sweeper has a rechargeable role. Therefore, it mainly depends on the size of the dust box and water tank, which also led to the development of two different directions of the sweeping robot. To minimize throwing garbage, you can choose a sweeper with the function of self-collecting dust. If you want to mop the floor, you can choose a robot with a self-cleaning mop.

    For example, the stone G10 is the main self-cleaning mop, according to the automatic scraping and washing method, can clean the mop very neat. The whole process does not need to manually clean the mop and the base station, just change a net, sewage tank can be.

    And compared to other robots that can self-cleaning mop, the stone can also carry out automatic replenishment of the water tank, is really a gospel for lazy people. (The first in the field)

    And thanks to the design of the mop adjustment, not only can achieve automatic distinction between the road and blanket, and can also be naturally air-dried to prevent the noise after the drying of the base station.

    Finally is the human-computer interaction, itself is the APP role, which minefield settings, house split, on-time schedule belongs to the necessary functions. Cleaning order, remote control and its double-layer map belong to the ascending role.