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  • Whitening teeth, the three secre...


    To whiten teeth exactly, must find the root of the problem, and then targeted treatment is the hard truth!

    Why do we have yellow teeth?

    The normal shade of our teeth is not the "Hollywood" bright white, but a light yellow. But if you are a bit too yellow, it may be the following two types of conditions.

    I. Exogenous yellow teeth.

    Usually caused by the way of daily life, often drinking dark beverages, 美白牙齒方法, teeth surface adhesion of calculus, dental stains, etc. can cause yellowing and darkening of teeth.

    Second, endogenous tooth yellowing.

    Generally because of ageing, geographical area contains too much fluoride, eaten tetracycline and other drugs will cause the teeth black and yellow.

    How to make teeth white?

    Tooth whitening secrets, the bottom of the three magic words today to tell you!

    First, dental care (brushing, scaling)

    Brushing and scaling are two different forms of yo, general exogenous yellow teeth can rely on long-term correct brushing, and its regular scaling can make teeth white.

    Second, "hydrogen peroxide, photochemical whitening"

    This applies to heavy exogenous yellow teeth and mild endogenous yellow teeth. The principle of this type of teeth whitening is to use "whitening agent" to apply on the cleaned and pretreated crown, and then use photocatalytic decomposition and other operations to achieve the whitening effect.

    Here is a friendly reminder to find a regular dental hospital to operate! Do not operate on your own. 殺菌消毒 whitening method has strict requirements on the amount of whitening agent and its light! Mistakes will destroy your teeth!

    Three, dental veneer / crown

    Generally this kind of I more proposed yellow teeth + crown small / defective beauty people to operate. The reason is that this whitening method requires the removal of a certain amount of tooth tissue. If your teeth happen to be very small, you can consider restoring bright white, straight teeth without grinding too much.